Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pinterest fail

It seemed so easy - 
and the perfect end to the Thanksgiving meal.
just in case we hadn't consumed enough calories already!
But theres no such thing as too much food on Thanksgiving, 
right Sophia?

Putting them together wasn't exactly rocket science -
 but the decorating?
Clearly it required an advanced degree!
 Good thing we had the college students help 'the littles'!

It turned out to be the perfect activity to keep the little ones busy downstairs 
while we cleared the table, 
started the dishes 
and helped ourselves to more adult beverages!
Everyone loved them - 
even if they weren't the perfect trees on Pinterest!

As always,
Thanksgiving was filled with noise, 
too much food, 

and it went by far too quickly.

Am just now getting home and settled back into routine...
at least as much routine as you can get during the holidays!

Absolutely LOVE this time of year!

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