Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Family tree - Christmas style

 One last Christmas touch - 
and then my house will be decorated 
as much as its going to get -
which is fine
since it already falls into the 
'over the top' category!

And this is exactly how it happens -
every year I think of doing some little 'tweak', 
using things I've already got - 
which snowballs into a project
involving glue guns - 
which morphs into a whole tabletop of more Christmas!

While poking around in Northern IL and southern WI earlier this month,
I was drawn to these decorations and ornaments
using antique light reflectors and tart tins. 

Just the inspiration I needed 
to get out MY reflectors/tins 
and create my own 
for a family tree!
 I included a Mary/Jesus one as homage to where the inspiration
  - for a lot of things - 
comes from!
I have crystals from an old chandelier that I'll add to some of them later,
but, beyond adding tinsel,
 'blinging them out' 
wasn't on the list yesterday!

 Even if some of the images are blurry 
from taking photos off Facebook,
it doesn't matter! 

They're family, 
they're with me all the time in my heart - 
and they're on the tree!
This idea is a keeper!

Speaking of keepers - 
I'm headed out soon on another road trip 
to see this little one
in Iowa
before she gets any bigger!
Can't wait!

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