Friday, December 19, 2014

My favorite museum

I realized as I was going through images the other day 
that I had never posted any from my recent visit to Sheboygan, WI - 
and my favorite museum of all time, 
the John Michael Kohler Arts Center.

I'm serious - 
if you've never been before, 
what are you waiting for?
It's truly worth a visit all on its own - 
although some of us are lucky enough 
to get to visit it on the way to see family!

Don't expect the usual stuffy, medievally museum portraits though...

they specialize in folk art and total art environs;
helping to preserve whole buildings that 'regular' and irregularly creative folks have created.

There's nothing about it that I don't love -
even their bathrooms!

Here are some of my favorites from this visit...

There were several pieces from a house built by a man for his dying wife -

 his version of a 'healing machine' 
which played the most oddly melodic music
the inscription reads - 
"Any kind of temporal cure for this wholly temporary world".

She died - 
but not without knowing how dearly she was loved.
Such a lovely gift 
in and of itself!

There was a terrific 'art altar'
and an installation for skateboarders!

Like I said - 
never stuffy or even expected.

Find the road that takes you there - 
and GO!

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usuallyemily said...

WOW!!!! Thank you for taking the time to share this. I have never seen art like this! I"m going to spend even more time looking at this later. These are amazing.