Thursday, December 11, 2014

Annie, get your gun!

I think I've discovered another caveat that should be included 
in any attempt to regulate 
who can purchase a gun 
and when. 

You should definitely NOT be able to purchase a gun
after engaging in a Facebook exchange
that lasts longer than 24 hours...
no matter how badly you want to!

Yup, I had me one of them.

And, oh,
how I wanted to shoot someone!

But, being a reasonable, peaceful person,
I did the next best thing -

hey, a gun is a gun!

I've seen hundreds of 'rose' wreaths and trees on Pinterest.
You've seen them too -

and I love them.
You know how much I love roses...

Ever had one of those moments 
when your head says 
"that would take an extraordinary amount of time and talent", 
but your heart and your ego say 
"I could do that".

You mean it's just me?

I decided to give it a try

Not exactly 'regular' roses -
more like irregular brussel sprouts!
 I'll keep working on it...

maybe by Valentines day,
I'll have perfected it!

In the meantime,
I made my favorite comfort food -
Buffalo cauliflower.
I do perfectly!

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