Friday, January 16, 2015

It's in my genes.

For someone who has always said I'd refuse to get genetic testing 
to see what my chances were of getting 
Alzheimer's, heart disease, cancer etc...

I was surprised at how easily I embraced the idea - and reality - 
of spitting into a tube to find out if
I had Native American genetic markers 
and what percent
Russian etc
my blood is...

It's not sophisticated enough to discern the 'New Jersey' from the 'Wisconsin'
but I'll take whatever small nuggets of information it yields.
And, now that my DNA is on file somewhere,
if I ever go missing -
 and then some partially decomposed body turns up somewhere 
and they need to determine if its me -
be sure to tell the Detectives to contact for my profile! has promised to provide me with information 
about anyone else whose DNA matches mine;
 and since no one else in my immediate family has participated,
any matches would indeed be a BIG shock!

Fantasies about the results abound ...

to be dashed,
I'm sure, with mundane findings.
But you can't blame a girl for being curious!

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