Thursday, January 29, 2015


I'm here - 
quiet doesn't mean inactive.

There's been stripping going on

eating well
 homemade tomato soup 
mushroom stuffed with sweet yellow pepper,
crab and lobster
taking care of myself
with yoga
(the view from my mat)
Oh - 
and also
driving my friends who have OCD 
My reminders that I need to stay centered -
whether I'm coming or going -
has created quite a stir.

It doesn't bother me 
that 'center' isn't, 
well, in the center -
but apparently that irony is totally lost 
on some people!
Who knew?

But that's all external -
there's ALOT going on inside too!
But that's always harder to write about 
when it still feels 'unformed' and uncertain.

I'm getting closer to being able to talk about it,
but still need some more 'processing time'.

Not being coy,
just haven't reigned in all the thoughts galloping around in my head;
still wild, wooly and out of control.

Be patient with me -
while I try to be patient with myself.

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