Friday, April 24, 2015

Dear God,

if some of the lessons you wanted me to learn 
in this two year period of my life  
are that systems are essentially impervious to change,
people can be as nice as can be
yet still thwart you at every turn 
and that it hurts my head 
to keep banging it against a brick wall,

just so you know,

I had already learned those
in the first 30+ years I worked here.
Not to be ungrateful,
I'm still waiting for the magic key
that will get things turned around;

not just for me,
but for all our team
and the kids we serve

If the main lesson to be learned now is
that I'm powerless, 
which makes me appreciate more fully
how all our kids in foster care feel -

you can cross that one off my list too!

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