Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

I celebrated Holy Week in Spain last year,
while I was walking the Camino
and the whole concept of Holy Week 
has been changed forever.

As I was re-reading my blog posts from that time,
I was reminded that on Maundy Thursday last year,
I had a vivid drug induced dream
in which I was served chocolate covered olives 
by Debbie Reynolds.

(I didn't take drugs often on the Camino - 
besides Ibuprofen which everyone took so often 
it was simply considered 'Vitamin I'),
but the 3 times I did take something for overwhelming pain,
it was very effective!
I can totally seee why people get hooked!

Anyway, I continued to be intrigued 
by the idea of olives, 
coated with chocolate...
you know where this is going, right?

Let me just say, 
If I decide to go into the business of creating
handcrafted chocolate olives,
( and look for them to come to a dinner party near you soon!)
I will obviously take more care during the process 
so that presentation is more appealing.

 But the taste?!
It doesn't get better!

Debbie really knew what she was doing!
I admit it was a slippery slope...
other chocolate made its way into the house this weekend too.
Come on - 
you know the ears are the best part!

Now if only I could get back into the Camino routine of walking 15 miles every day, 
maybe I could eat chocolate every day again!
One food group, however, is on its way out...

Peep season is over for 2015.

There are still 'models' waiting in the wings - 
well, the freezer - 
in case inspiration strikes before next Lent,
but this is the last 'official' Peep Show for this year.

Hope you're having a Holy Easter - 
with just the right amount of sweetness!

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