Friday, April 10, 2015

Feeling drained ...

have a whole new appreciation for the phrase!
 The docs can now surely add anemia 
to whatever else may be wrong with me!

Good thing I'll be filling up again this weekend!
I'll be talking about the Camino 
and responding to Gods call in your life 
at a spring faith retreat at a friends church 
in a neighboring community.

Yes, I know it was a year ago
but it doesn't ever get old.

Not sure I could do it again;
know I wouldn't want to
but it sure is nice to have the memory 
of having done it!

Have to admit,
I'm about ready for another beach break!
although it wouldn't have to be 
at the end of the world!

A trip 'home' would work too!

There's no way around the reality
that work can suck the very life
right out of you.

Need to replenish -
in all kinds of small ways -
and take care of myself
this weekend.

Be good to yourselves as well, friends.

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