Friday, April 17, 2015

Life ... it goes on

I haven't been writing. 

It doesn't mean I’m not thinking and doing and feeling.
It just means that I haven't been writing. 
And I can't freak out about it. 

 The desire to express myself in written form will come back – 
or it won’t.

In the meantime,
there have been 
computer classes for new skills,
solicitations for new ventures, 
speaking engagements,
scheduling conflicts,
conversations with children 
celebrations of life,
(those newly begun and those tragically ended).

There's been 

I've seen a whole different side 
of the adult medicine world
and learned that,
if it's OK with you, Lord, 
I'd rather not see any more!

I've remembered why I thought 
retirement was a good idea
in the first place
and found a few more reasons 
to be grateful for
coming back to work.

And, as always,
in the midst of all the 'not still',
there are still moments of

and beauty.

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