Thursday, March 17, 2016

Going to the suburbs

What would a visit to Cuba be 
without a visit to the Hemingway house 
in the Havana suburb of San Francisco de Paula?
 In 1940, 
Hemingway bought the Finca la Vigia  -
a villa he had been renting for the previous year
located approx 15 km southeast of central Havana.
It was built originally in 1888.

Hemingway lived there continuously 
until he moved back to the US in 1960.
 The interior remains unchanged since the day Hemingway left.
He left the house and contents to the Cuban people.

While not allowed inside,
visitors can see the home through a series of open windows.
Hemingway used to type in his bedroom while standing up.
No one else was ever allowed in this room.
 Lovely grounds,
a view of the city from a separate tower in the backyard
and a place to grab a specialty mojito.

The saddest image of the day was from the bathroom.
Hemingway, ever the writer, kept a record of his weight on the bathroom wall
next to the scale.
It was covered up with several coats of pain
 but was recently restored.
Hand to God, 
if anyone in my family tries to keep a permanent record of my weight 
displayed for everyone to see,
I'll haunt their sorry asses forever!

No wonder he was suicidal!
Some things should NOT be for public consumption!
In spite of that,
it was a lovely morning; 
well worth the time.

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