Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Last day in Cuba

Can you tell I'm reluctant to leave the island?

The days had gone by too quickly;
time to explore new places
with new friends 
had been too short.
Returning to work was right around the corner...
but not yet.

Time for one more performance by young folk dancers
and more beauty to see in Cienfuegos 
before getting on the plane.

I might have gotten the timing wrong on when we saw this set of dancers.
I think we saw them the night before;
I suspect you don't care 
about the correct sequencing  of events,
you just want a sense of what I saw, right?
The key to enjoying another country is flexibility!

There were still more sights to see.
 There may have been another mojito involved.
 More reminders that it's not all tourism
Cuba didn't want us to leave either -
there was a delay of several hours once we got to the airport;
the result of our charter plane being delayed in Miami.

I think Cuba just wanted to give us one more sunset
 and the chance to practice our patience 
and flexibility some more!

Clearly some of us are better at that than others.
 My time in Cuba did, sadly, come to an end. 

That won't stop me from looking back
 and planning another trip back.
There's still too much else that beckons -
other beaches,
Santiago de Cuba,
a better understanding of Yorbu-Afro Cuban spirituality
and practices ...
 they're neighbors -
and it's always good to know your neighbors!
One more post this weekend about artistic expression in Cuba -
and pictures of some of the art I didn't bring back -
and some images of what I did.

Thanks for being with me as I re-visit this lovely island!

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