Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Havana, A city of squares

Havana seemed to be one square after another:
Plaza de la Revolucion 
(Revolutionary Square),
Plaza de Armas,
Plaza de la Catedral,
Plaza Vieja
Plaza de San Francisco de Asis.

Although each square has its own unique features,
 I'd be lying if I said I remembered which one was which.
It was enough to have time to walk around 
and enjoy the sights of each one.

I distinctly remember Revolutionary Square though - 
but only because it was the least appealing of them all;
not a 'square' as much as a parking lot.
With ugly, gray utilitarian buildings housing various governmental offices,
 Che Guevara, 
(with the motto - Always Toward Victory)

and another image of Cubas other heroic guerillero, 
Camilo Cienfuegos, 
with words reading "You're going well, Fidel".
 On the eastern side is the Biblioteca Nacional Jose Marti;
featuring Havanas tallest structure 
and an impressive marble statue of Jose Marti,
the brains behind Cuba's second Independence War 
and still a unifying force in Cuban politics.
and of course, 
cars - 
of all sorts.
The charm of the other 'squares' more than made up for this one, though.
It would be easy to go on and on ...

 and on.
 It's a beautiful city.

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