Sunday, August 14, 2011

At various times this weekend I found myself wondering how in the world we've managed to take something so quintessentially Midwestern, Middle America - the Iowa State Fair - and turned it into nothing more than a political circus.

Who's idea was it for political hacks and their talking heads to take precedence over shiny, glittery, death-is-just-one-rusty-bolt-away rides, artery clogging fried foods on a stick, Auntie Em's jelly preserves, Little Susie's goat, nursed back to life in the dead of winter for a 4-H project, and gotta love 'em tractor pulls?

And the effrontery is you still have to pay money to get in to the Fair.... WTH?

If Iowans wanted to deal with that much bullshit, most of them could have stayed home and done it for free!

just sayin'.

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