Friday, August 12, 2011

I expect to be lied to on a daily basis.
It goes with the territory.

People who have done impulsive, hurtful things to children are going to flip into 'self protective mode' to justify to themselves, and anyone questioning them, how things unfolded and present it in a far different way than how it actually happened.

That being said, it infuriates me when other 'professionals' lie to me too!
Come on...our jobs are hard enough as they are - can't we , at least, level with each other?

Don't tell me you're going to court to take some kid into Protective custody when you have no intention of doing that.
And then, to cover that up, don't lie and tell me court refused the petition - 'cause I WILL document what you said...and, when it reaches court ( you didn't really think we'd let those kids stay in the home at risk if there was something we could do to stop it, did you?) -- don't lie - on the stand - and say 'the hospital SW wouldn't give you an affidavit' and that's why you couldn't do your job.

That's not only infuriating, it's perjury - - and, since court already had the affidavits which I sent over that day - they knew it too.

Sorry, toots.
I don't wish anyone on to a breadline, but you deserve to lose your job.

Look on the bright side, you were always bitching about how much you hated fighting the bridge you won't have to!

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