Monday, October 28, 2013

Hair today...

same as yesterday.

Back in the day, 
before I embraced my curliness and my grey,
hair care was laborious;
time consuming and, for me, an exercise in futility.
When you have naturally curly hair,
no matter how large the rollers, 
two seconds after it dried and you took it down,
any humidity over 10% would undo ANY attempt 
to straighten it.

I lived near the ocean...
how often do you think the humidity was below 10%?

So, for those special occasions, 
it wasn't unusual to use a wig...
everyone had one.

Of course I wore one for our rehearsal dinner -
I was going to have my hair done for the wedding the next day 
and I wasn't going to go through 
bristly curler hair torture
two days in a row
 for nothing!

So, I slapped on my wig -
and off I went!

I thought of that this weekend.
where have the last 44 years gone?
The sign above me says it all...
I'm officially an antique!

How do you think my son would feel 
if I showed up at HIS rehearsal dinner
wearing a wig?

Might just want to save my grey curliness for the wedding!

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