Monday, October 7, 2013

No, actually I don't...

was my reply when someone said "Well, you have to give him credit; at least he told you he put 'marks' on his kid".

No, I'm NOT giving him credit... and here's why.

* His rendition of using 'discipline' on his child and spanking him on the butt for misbehaving in school didn't come close to describing the findings of loop marks on his kids back, his butt, all his extremities, his head, his feet and even his genitals.
It would have made an overseer in the Deep South wince; it was like something out of 'Roots.'

*He wasn't even supposed to be around the kid.
The 'safety plan' he and mom agreed to when the State workers came out the day before was that dad wasn't to have ANY contact with the kid until there was a complete investigation.

I also didn't give 'points' to mom, boo-hooing on the phone about how she couldn't do what the State workers told her to do and that was to bring him herself.
I get that, for a single working parent, it's hard to take time off from work... I've been there;
but we're talking about your 5 yr old who's been whooped to the point of not being able to sit down.

Funny, she was able to take off work and get to the hospital fast enough when her boyfriend told her the police were there to talk to him.

Neither one of them won the 'bonus round' with extra points but they BOTH got a card...

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