Saturday, October 12, 2013

Let's review...

* your 4 yr old daughter did NOT get gonorrhea and syphllis from the bedsheets - even if you haven't changed them for a month and even if they were used for a threesome - which, BTW, is not only TMI but totally disgusting!
*if your husband got STD's from someone else while swearing he was 'faithful' to you, you both might want to borrow Webster's Dictionary to look up the very meaning of fidelity.
(Just a hint: his picture won't be next to the definition)

* can you explain how a threesome fits into the definition of 'faithful'?

* but back to your daughter... if you are the only people who care for her and YOU don't have an STD but HE does... do you really have to ask WHERE she got the diseases from???

*it's not rocket science, just simple biology!

God, I'm tired:
helping clients with
basic math 
breaking through the barrier of denial
can be exhausting.

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