Friday, October 18, 2013


Just ‘cause we haven’t had one in a while and I have lots of things roiling around in my head…

 Well, the inmates came close to burning down the asylum – 
but they’ve been temporarily shocked into submission. 
Just like being hit with a stun gun though, it won’t last. 

Anyone who thinks we won’t be going through
the same pathetic psychodrama 
around the first of the year 
is as delusional as they are. 

I mean, really, have you heard some of their post debacle rhetoric … 
we fought the good fight”, 
“Once again Washington isn’t listening to the will of the people”… 

Actually pal,
the people DID express their will to Washington –
last November.  
We re-elected a President – 
and he wasn’t from your party – 
and you just can’t accept that. 

The press seems to ignore the fact
that the folks responsible for this train wreck 
have NO interest whatsoever
in having a functional government; 
especially one headed by a black man.

By their own definition, 
they HATE government; 
they would be fine with it shutting down

They’re anarchists disguising themselves as patriots – 
and by dwelling only in their own insular myopic universe, 
with their fear driven talking heads,
they’ve even managed to fool themselves 
into thinking they’re right. 

For them, Obama is the equivalent 
of a toddlers boogeyman living under the bed.

Have you ever tried to ‘reason’ with a child 
about how there’s really NOT anything
to be frightened of…
 how did that work?

It didn’t, right?
Because when you’re consumed by fear,
you don’t process reality well. 
Especially when you've surrounded yourself 
with other toddlers
all screaming 
and whipping themselves up
into a frenzy. 

Washington desperately needs more grownups.

 Friends, the nightmare will return;
trust me on this.

In the “If I only had a brain category”…

A 16yr old girl in Nebraska has been denied an abortion 
after the states Supreme Court ruled 
she wasn’t mature enough to opt for the procedure 
and should give birth instead.

Say what?? 
You’re too immature to decide about your own healthcare – 
and that somehow qualifies you to be a parent 
and raise a baby? 

The unnamed teenager asked a judge
to waive the states requirement of parental consent
for an abortion because she’d been in foster care for years
 after her biological parents rights were terminated 
after years of abuse.
The girl testified “she didn’t have the ability to be the right mom I would like to be right now”.

The district judge ruled (and the Supreme Court upheld) 
that because the girl was financially dependent on the state
and foster parents,
 had never lived on her own 
and had no work experience, 
she wasn’t mature enough to choose an abortion.
 so let’s add a baby to that rich stew of immaturity and dependence 
‘cause THAT makes sense!

Shut the front door.

Wish those judges could come work in our ED for a week – 
this kid will be on someone’s abuse caseload 
within months!

I know money is tight. 
I know prescriptions are expensive. 
I know medical emergencies come up 
and many parents have tough choices to make 
about whether to treat their child with the meds they need 
or feed them…
when you qualify for FREE healthcare for your kids 
and you don’t get off your ass to go the office 
and fill out the paperwork that would let them get it, 
my sympathy for you goes skipping out the door.

This wasn’t about an error at the state with your forms; 
this wasn’t because you had work obligations
and couldn’t get off 
during the hours the office was open
to fill out and sign the form 
your caseworker needed you to; 
this wasn’t because you didn’t have a ride…
this was about YOU choosing not to do your job as a parent.  

The sad reality is that the kids are the ones who will suffer 
if we say no to the outrageous demands of their parents –
so we give them one month of free prescriptions, 
hoping it will ‘tide them over’
until the paperwork 'gets straightened out' –

jacking up the cost of healthcare for all of us 
and reinforcing
that there are no consequences for irresponsibility.

It’s truly time for me to get out of healthcare; 
I don’t need/want to see the waste and dysfunction
up close and personal anymore. 

On a positive note: 
Can I just say how crazy I am about my sons? 

This one - Art Boy -
came home unexpectedly 
to surprise his brother  -
to join him and his groomsmen
on a long Bachelor weekend to TX.

They’re driving for ass numbingly long hours 
to Houston
to see a Ultimate Fight Championship match
this weekend. 

(Because nothing quite says we’re glad you’re getting married 
like seeing men pummel the brain cells of another human being
into oblivion, right? 
Must be a guy thing.) 

I hate the very idea of it all – 
except for what it shows about my sons relationship 
and how willing they are to be there for each other. 

Guess who else was happy to have him home –
for however brief a visit?!

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