Thursday, October 24, 2013

I swear I don't get it

Can someone explain to me: 
why so many media folks 
have their panties in a twist 
about the Affordable Healthcare website having glitches? 

I mean, seriously, 
have they ever used any other insurance company’s – 
or governmental – 
website before?  
Do they operate perfectly? 
Hell, no; 
you expect problems with ANY computer program, 
especially a new one. 

Our healthcare system rolled out electronic charting years ago 
and we’re STILL updating and perfecting it 
because we can’t get it to do exactly what we want! 

And the fact that millions of people 
crashed it by logging on to get information 
and sign up for coverage 
should say something 
about how desperate people are for coverage 
and how eager they are to participate!

That doesn’t make the program bad – 
it makes it more successful 
and more needed 
than anyone anticipated. 

I remember when George W Bush was re-elected to the White House
 and so many distraught Americans logged on to 
the Canadian Government website
looking for information on how to emigrate 
that their system crashed!
Was that an indication that Canada wasn’t working? 
Can someone explain to me:
Why my clients lie about things that are so easily checked out?

Do they think staff from investigating agencies don’t talk to each other? 
WHY would they say the police had been in their apartment at 2AM, 
trashing  the place, 
looking in closets, drawers 
and questioning the kids 
about the 4 mos old baby 
falling off the bed and getting a skull fracture and broken ribs? 

First of all,Mom, they’d have needed a search warrant. 
Secondly, they don’t go out at that hour on abuse cases 
unless the victim is a near or impending fatality. 
Third, the police wouldn’t have questioned your kids; 
police have been accompanied by Children Division staff 
and THEY would have spoken to the kids – 
and they don’t go out after midnight anyway –
unless there’s an imminent risk to the kids at home. 

Do I believe your house looked like it was trashed 
and you didn’t have time to clean 
before Children’s Division was coming over on a home visit? 
Do I believe you needed an excuse for why it looked that way? 
Do I believe your boyfriend tore it apart 
to make sure he got rid of all the drugs he had hidden 
before that home visit? 
Yes, yes and yes. 

It was pretty easy to check call logs, Dispatch records 
and videos from the nearest  bank 
and figure out that you’d invented 
the whole – the police raided my house - thing. 

Very inventive though –
especially the part about feeling like YOU were the true victim here… 
Did you have a skull fracture too?
No, I didn’t think so.

Don't you wish some people just knew when to shut up?

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