Sunday, November 17, 2013

Contrary to type

I did something that is becoming increasingly difficult in this world of social media, 
instant communication and the compulsion to chronicle 
every event in our personal lives. 
I decided to be in the moment - 
without documenting it.

I decided to spend several of the most important nights
in my sons life 
and be Mom -
not a photographer,
not an event coordinator,
not a spectator removed behind a camera lens.  

I decided to be present,
to talk to family and friends,
to enjoy my sons happiness 
and, in turn, I increased my own!

It also means however 
I have to rely on others for their pictures.

The rehearsal dinner couldn't have been better -

and I loved the decision to use only white flowers 
for the centerpieces and let the vases be the only color.

The food was fabulous,
conversations laughter filled
and the evening was deemed a huge success 
by members of both tribes!

Couldn't have asked for more!

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