Monday, November 11, 2013

Valiant attempt

I tried - 
I did.

Some things to avoid were a given
since they'll be featured at the wedding -
babys breath and hydrangeas.

The floral desinger tried to talk me into -
stargazer lilies, ivy, poms, mums - 
all the fall flowers that made me think 
a homecoming game corsage
had fallen into water.

since the rehearsal dinner is basically MY party, 
I fell back to my love -

no big surprise, right?
 Maybe its the result of months of low fat eating
but could this look anymore like whorls of butter?


Be still my heart.

I threw in sprigs of more traditional 'fall' offerings -
just none that blatantly screamed
garden mum from Lowes!

I think it will work nicely.

This was also the weekend for getting out
my favorite winter 'dark buster'...
a star colander lamp bought decades ago,
as a joke,
at a flea market for $2.00!

Can't tell you how much pleasure its given our family over the years!

It's the small things, friends;
am I right?

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