Thursday, November 7, 2013

Inconvenient truths

There's a lot of last minute planning to get to the
 event - coming up in just 1 week!

I know the mother of the groom isn't as busy 
as what must be going on over at the brides house,
but I'm exhausted.

Gathering centerpieces for the rehearsal dinner;
writing my remarks - witty, yet touching;
choosing clothes for both events which compliment
but not compete or repeat...

clearly the whole
wearing beige and being quiet 
which Ive been told is de rigueur for someone in my position 
just isn't working for me.

Nope - sadly I'm a rebel.

Black+white+bling will have to = beige.
almost got it!
It almost causes me physical pain to admit it,
but my body was NOT born to be a couch potato 
nor was it created to operate well on junk food.

SHHHHH - don't tell my personal trainer 
but I can go into the studio with a thousand minor aches and pains
and, by the time I leave, 
I can almost hear my body saying 
Thank you -
thank you for forcing me to move and do something 
other than SIT!

I also always forget when I'm 'off program'
how much better I feel, sleep, breathe and function
when the fuel I'm putting into my body is healthy;
lots of fruits, vegetables, limited carbs and NO refined sugars.

I'm halfway (5 months) into my training
for the Camino.
I've lost half the weight I want to
and I feel stronger every day.

I'm pleased with where I am...
Not where I need/want to be -
but certainly not where I was!

I'll take it - 
I still have 4.5 months to go!

Bear with me if posts are sporadic between now and the wedding...
trust me,
there'll be a massive photo dump as soon as its over!

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