Monday, November 25, 2013

On the other hand...

I grew up in a house with a lot of 'holiday rules'... 
the primary one being 
that Christmas didn't 'come out' 
until the dishes from Thanksgiving
 had been dried and put away.

If the adults weren't too drunk,
busy playing poker 
or passed out from turkey overload on the couch,
the kids would whine, cajole and needle them
until at least the Christmas albums were brought out;
with Johnny Mathis, 
the Mormon Tabernacle choir 
Andy Williams 
giving us the promise of things to come! 
Maybe there weren't trees or the Nativity on Thanksgiving night
but the season always started then -
and, for years, I kept that tradition alive.

If you're not cooking Thanksgiving dinner
or having guests on Turkey Day
but you ARE having guests the whole weekend after Thanksgiving 
AND the staff Christmas party the first week in December,
then this weekend was the designated one to decorate!

And, while the tree may be up,
the tinsel thrown,
the Santas in their places
and the stockings hung,
I'll concede to tradition - 
and not plug the twinkle lights in until next Friday!

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