Thursday, December 12, 2013

A handmade Christmas

One of my favorite things to do this time of year 
is to simply sit -
and look at my Christmas decorations.

Everywhere I turn,
I see the work of human hands;
if not necessarily mine,
then those of my friends,
 family members
or artisans 
whose paths have crossed mine over the years.

Different mediums,
different gifts,
all beautiful;
evoking memories of past trips,
times shared 'creating' with family after Thanksgiving dinners,
and finding treasures 
in 'off the beaten trail' 
homes and shops!

Whether they're 
MY childhood creations...

my sons childhood creations
with ping pong balls...

and cardboard...

offerings from friends
crafted from wood,

or Santas lovingly made by artists, 
many who became dear friends;

all are cherished!

Don't think I only created things in my childhood...
I've put the antique chocolate molds I've collected to good use -
making and painting 
plaster of paris Santas and trees.

Every year I get them out,
I promise myself I'll do it again!
Maybe in retirement!

Time travel

to the past and the future!
One of the greatest gifts of the season!

All while simply sitting and looking!
Hope you're enjoying your holiday season
as much as I am, friends!

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