Sunday, December 15, 2013

The trigger

At least she had the nerve to ask what, 
so many others were (and are) thinking...
"Can you afford to retire?"
My response was immediate,
and true,
"I'm not sure; 
I only know I cannot NOT retire if I want to live."

Here's what I know...
it will work out;
money isn't everything;
I'm not afraid of hard work, 
I can work again,
in a different capacity,
 if I have to have additional income;
a way will be found.

Here's also what I know...
her question triggered anxiety
about the 'realities' of this decision
that kept me tossing and turning 
much of the night.
There are still days
when fear trumps faith.

Luckily, they're fewer and further apart
and relatively short lived.

I think it was the realization
that I'm down to double digits days
remaining at work
that made the impending change
real in a whole new way!

How has the time gone so quickly?!

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