Thursday, December 5, 2013

Jesus, Mary and Joseph - again

You didn't think they'd stopped making ugly nativities, did you?
Even if I haven't posted about them for 2 years?
(to refresh your memory, see here and here)

We came pretty close to cornering the market with those posts
but, by surfing the worldwide webs, 
I found a few more.

 Something about this Holy Family might work for pedophiles - 
but it creeps me out!

 I don't even know what these are - 

As if gingerbread nativities can't be awful enough,
make them big yard ornaments
for a special ugliness!

There were several 'minimalist' options...
 I sure hope this was a toddlers preschool version!
Otherwise there's NO reason why it's not in the trash!

 Color block versions... 
depending on whether you're a round peg or need a square hole.
(Actually, in just the right settings would be kind of cool - 
in a "pretentious aren't I hip?" kind of way!)

 Frogs - an amphibian Nativity?

Foolish me,
I didn't even know Frankenstein would celebrate Christmas...
I thought he was Jewish.

 Astronaut Mary version of the Madonna

Carved from soap

 Ladies, just for us...
a tampon Nativity...
right up our alleys!
(See what I did there?)

A crocheted meerkat Nativity

And a food Nativity...
look closely, you'll get it!

There's just NOTHING sacred that our culture can't make profane
and tasteless.

Good grief!
(Which makes me think I should be searching for a Charlie Brown Nativity...
surely there's one out there!)

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