Tuesday, December 24, 2013

International paintings of the Nativity -

along with some powerful words from a wonderful young woman
(who writes here)

He came to us in the dead of night;
 to a place where almost no one was watching for him.

He came small without a word.
He could have made such a big splash.

But he hid in his own magnitude and begged us to remember; 
begged us to hold close to his dusty welcome 
and the missing fanfare 
when our hearts beat small 
and we're twitchy in the shadows.

He came to us in all his glory.
He came in a way that still has us scratching our heads.

He came as an example to live so much lower than what our flesh craves.
He came with nothing else; 
a reminder that all we need is simply Him.

We reconsider the way we live
and do our best to honor and remember the moment 
his breath kissed our world.

I'm here in full on party mode, 
doing my best to feel the weighty pulse of my rescue.
Its tricky and messy, 
like all of life.

And that's why he came.

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