Saturday, December 14, 2013

Apparently we can't get enough of Nativities...

two more "won't ever be having" Nativities.

A Spam nativity.
(Actually, I've been to the Spam factory and museum 
in Austin, MN -
and got kicked out 
for laughing so hysterically 
over some of the items...
no doubt,
THIS would have gotten me kicked out 
even sooner!

The beauty below is, sadly, from the lobby of the hospital where I work:
let me just say that one of my pet Christmas peeves 
is when the Jesus doesn't match the parents...
(A First World problem, I know)

But come on...
the scale of this set of figures is SO off
that they're either from two different Nativities
or its a blatant suggestion from our Endocrine department
that Jesus was part man, part God and part Baby Huey!

I mean, really?
His head is bigger than Josephs!

And I don't for a second believe that both parents 
would be kneeling in adoration...

give a sister a break; 
she just delivered a baby!

That must be why I love MY Nativity!
It's not the most delicately carved or painted,
but the body language of all the figures feels real to me.

Its carved from one piece of wood -
and there's something about it NOT being
separate figures
that appeals to me too.
 I can believe they're tired 
and in shock from all that's happened to them!
I also love the intimacy of the relationship
it hints at between Joseph and Mary...
yup; it's a keeper;
at least for me!

Just wait...
it will probably end up on someone elses' list 
of Ugliest Nativities next year!

To each her own, I guess!

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