Saturday, February 22, 2014


I'm not usually much of a diva...

this ones too hot, 
this ones too cold,
this ones too big, etc.

But that's exactly how I've felt about my backpack.

I took the first one back because I overbought -
there was no way I needed 65L - 
especially not one
that weighed almost 6 lbs 
in and of itself!

The second one just didn't feel right either;
it hit my neck in the wrong place,
restricting my neck flexibility;
it also felt like I was carrying all the weight in my shoulders,
not my hips.

So back it went -
with profuse apologies
for being so high maintenance.

Truth be told however,
I was proud of myself for not 'settling';
for saying "this isn't right".
It's easier to do that, isn't it?
To make do,
to pretend its OK; 
to say you'll get used to the things you don't like.

But I didn't.
I tried again -
and got someone who wasn't willing to settle either.

And then somehow, 
you just know...

Numero Tres -
ding ding ding, 
we have a winner!

I'm SO sure this time
that I even took the tags off!

I can start training in earnest now!

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