Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Honeymooners

It's been 3 months since the wedding.
The newlyweds are great,
settling in to their new lives - 
the perfect time for wedding pictures to arrive!

There are SO many I love -
but I'll limit myself 
to these favorites!

All the world's a stage -
and we're ON IT!

The whole tribe

The cousins

we're huggers.

and the newlyweds
at iconic St Louis venues...

the floodwalls

Lafayette Square Park

and my favorite soda building!

It seems so long ago!

That's why pictures are so important...
it brings it all back!
What a great time!


Amy Bramer said...

Hi Donna! So glad you commented on my post so I could come see all of your awesome pictures. What a beautiful day for a wedding!
I love that picture by Lafayette Square Park... I need to see that next time.
What is the history on the "Smile" building? know that is soda(or pop as we say) but I am curious to know what that building was and how old it is.
Happy Friday!

Donna said...

Amy Bramer
I know it used to be the Social Center of Soulard - a German/Bohmemian Social Hall prior to being a soda plant; it now houses condos which I would love to see.
There's a great research paper on line about the buildings history -‎
which might answer some of your questions.
I love your blog - the images of your home and kids are wonderful!
Makes me miss mine being little - well, almost! :)