Saturday, February 1, 2014

Selective deafness

You know all those recent posts about all the things I’m going to miss when I retire 
and how sad I am to contemplate leaving behind 
so many funny, dedicated, compassionate people?

Yeah… well yesterday was one of those days 
that I was reminded of SO many things 
I will not miss!

Reasons 189-193 WICWTR
(Why I can’t wait to retire)

*Incompetent Children’s Division workers 
who try to cover their mistakes in protecting kids 
by attempting to throw “the big bad hospital Social worker” 
under the bus.

*Being the point person for a team decision
 and having to inform a mother 
she wouldn’t be taking her baby home with her.
*Being the target 
for all her anger, pain and fury 
associated with that decision.

*Lack of support, 
even hostility, 
from a department leader 
about not being immediately available 
for a case in the ED 
because I was defusing the situation 
on the inpatient floor.

*Not getting a bathroom break 
or eating lunch 
until almost 4pm 
because putting out 
back to back fires 
is SOOO damn time consuming.

True, I only got through the day because of all 
the funny, dedicated, compassionate people 
I was surrounded by – 
but, on any given day, 
the drama and turmoil 
associated with my working life
drowns out their voices 
until all I hear 
is the chaos.

It will be a blessing to become deaf to all of that.

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