Tuesday, February 4, 2014

“it is a serious thing / just to be alive / on this fresh morning / in this broken world.” ― 
Mary Oliver

And it can break your heart to be aware of just how broken it is…

Deaths out of time –
well, out of what our senses tell us should be the ‘right’ time –
are never easy for me to comprehend.

Whether its someone blessed with talent and gifts
in roughly the same measure
as demons and doubts
or the teenager in the ED this morning,
recently released from ‘Juvy’,
yet still imprisoned 
by overwhelming grief, loss
and the absence of hope.

A man-child who believed 
only oblivion and permanent darkness 
could provide the release from a life 
that seemed to hold nothing 
but more despair.

I don’t understand where resilience resides
or why it’s not allotted
in equal proportions to all.

Some days, 
standing silent witness to the fallen, 
shaking my head
in disbelief and sadness 
about what the world loses
on a daily basis 
is exhausting.
today was one of those days.

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