Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Summer weekend in the Heartland

Quintessential Midwestern summer -
with beaches and barns,

 hot weather and hearts
filled with love of family!

All generations -
 from the 'elders',
to the in-betweeners ,

college kids 'on the cusp' of adulthood, 
breaking out on their own -
complete with girlfriends,
 and the littles -
who I don't see often enough...

How blessed I am to have a home to visit-
so different from mine -
 but as familiar as my own.

Of course, there was shopping - 
big box stores
 (shag makes a fun comeback!)
and small boutiques
 I loved the use of old wagon wheels as a rack,
 this clock - 
which would be PERFECT for Art Boys studio
(except for the price tag)
this flag made from remnants of material -
over an old chenille bedspread
 and using an old suitcase as a shelf!

And a sign -
which I think should be hung outside every church
It was terrific!

Now back to crunching numbers,
thinking about employment options,
scraping wall paper,
creating order in garden chaos
and cutting grass!

Talk about all good things coming to an end!

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