Monday, July 21, 2014

Livin' the dream

I saw this over the weekend on Facebook -
and then smiled when I realized THIS is precisely what I'm doing
in retirement!
Yup, it's a little bit of wonderful!

5 cu yds of mulch delivered on Friday -
shoveled, wheelbarrowed and spread over the weekend.
I'd pat myself on the back -
only I can't lift my arms!
I also have reorganized my art supplies and, 
after another road trip later this week,
will be coming back and playing 'Art Camp',
instead of playing in the garden.

"Art" seemed to be everywhere this weekend -
from a lovely tiny framed French print I picked up at a garage sale,
to a friends recommendation for a road trip to Goodland, KS
to see an 80ft VanGogh,
(and, yes, I will try to go!)
to another friend telling me about a terrific contemporary Polish Artist,
Pawl Kuczynski, whose powerful images make people think about
the dysfunctional aspects of our culture
in a completely accessible way.

Aren't they wonderful?
MY paltry attempts at putting brush or marker to paper
don't rise to the level of ANY 'real' artist -
but it keeps me off the streets and occupied!

Obviously no one style or genre -
not even any talent -
just self expression for its own sake!

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