Thursday, July 3, 2014

I KNEW it -

even if I didn't know it for sure...
ya know what I mean?

Well, my neighbors homes are lovely -
yards impeccably groomed,
houses trimmed and well maintained -
all seemingly without ANY effort on their parts.

I mean, seriously, 
I never saw them working around the house on weekends

Meanwhile, I schlepped and sweated -  
or didn't
and my house reflected all I did -
or didn't do.

Now that I'm retired and home during the day,
I've seen the endless array of cleaning ladies,
lawn service staff etc
coming and going from their houses ...

just as I suspected -
they have people!
I wish I did!
Still working in the yard -
mixing up organic weed killer from Pinterest-
scanning photos -
and, ironically,
creating even MORE pictures
by participating in a July photo challenge.

So far, the prompts have been:
'cause it's summer and who doesn't LOVE a road trip?

Snail eye's view:
although I was tempted to use one of these:

self portrait - without a face.
I loved how even the bracelets on my left arm showed up!

So much fun!
Later today,
lunch outside on a patio with a friend,
visiting a bookstore
(maybe even applying for a job there!)
and cooking in preparation for the 4th of July parade parties ...
how did I ever find time to work??

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