Monday, July 7, 2014

Discovered treasures

in the archives...

I must admit,
I'm loving going through all the photo albums -
becoming increasingly grateful -
for all we've been through,
all we've survived
and how we've grown!

I've also loved finding images of Art Boys work -
some distant past
(as in high school),
some more recent;
all entertaining!

While I'm glad he's moved on from his Michael -Jackson -as only-muse phase
(which lasted 4 years),
it certainly was a creative time...


Each of the 'Harlequin romance covers' was huge -
4 feet x 8 feet.

This one,
my favorite,
was hanging in my bedroom for several years
on the only wall in the whole house that could accommodate 
such a large painting.
(Don't be fooled by the pictures of my neighbors homes;
I live in a cottage!)
One night, 
GI Joe and a friend came in to my room 
to tell me where they were headed
after the football game.
The friend, who had never been in my room before, was speechless
when he saw the painting.

As they were headed out of the house,
I heard him say to GI Joe,
"I didn't know your mom was dating a black guy".


Totally cracked me up then -
and it still does!
In my entire life,
I've never had decolletage like that!

I must say it allowed the tired single mom I was then to see myself in a whole new light!

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