Saturday, October 29, 2011

11 and 94 in 2011

In case you hadn't heard, 'Cardinal Nation' is celebrating this morning.

Last night after a wild, improbable, never-would-have-believed-it a-few-weeks-ago ride, our boys clinched the World Series and, even for someone who usually doesn't watch guys play games with bats and balls, the energy and joy is infectious.

I live 8 miles from the stadium and you could hear the fireworks from here - and throughout many neighborhoods during the night - or maybe that was just the usual gunfire...whatever!

This is the teams 11th World Series win - hence 11 in 2011!

But there's another story involving baseball bats that made me feel even better yesterday.

The ones that made a seasoned Detective cry?

Well, apparently the pictures and the reality of it all made Grand Jury members feel the same way.

Yesterday, they returned indictments on all felony counts!!
52 felony counts for the mom and 42 felony accounts for the boyfriend - hence 94 in 2011!

Trust me when I tell you that, when 'the system' works, it's better than winning some game!

Don't mean to minimize all the money that was at stake last night, but we're talking childrens lives here!! As even Master-card would say - Priceless!

And, while they don't make trophies for Detectives, Prosecutors and Child Protection workers on the front lines... this one's for you!!

Strong work!!!
(Insert the roar of the crowd in appreciation here!!)

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