Thursday, October 13, 2011

There's NOT an app for that.

Some women wear scarves flawlessly.

They seem to have a knack for picking the right fabric, colors and length which magically ties all elements of their ensemble together perfectly.

They look sophisticated, fashionable and trendy; they have élan.

Yeah...that's so not me!

This is the look I can pull off... in fact, I think I've damn near got it perfected!
Try not to envy me too much.

I'm convinced women who wear scarves must not have a life!
Do they schlepp shoulder bags filled with paperwork, cameras and the detritus of middle age life?
Do they bend over? Use their arms, get in and out of cars?
How do their scarves not come tumbling down around their knees or slip off their shoulders into the linguine?
I'm just asking...

I try; honestly I do...
but, no matter how many Youtube videos I watch, all my attempts still look like I got up from the table too fast and am now wearing the tablecloth!

Clearly I stood in the wrong line...
no doubt I was in a hurry, looked up and, after just a cursory glance, picked a line - only it was the line for the ability to 'scarf down food'... not the ability to accessorize with a scarf....
close, but no cigar, as Pop-pop used to say!

I guess I'm stuck with accessorizing with jewelry...

which is probably why this pin holds such appeal for me...

operating a clasp... this I can do!

Gotta learn to go with your strength!

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