Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ladies, let’s talk…

some of you have clearly been watching too much CSI and Law and Order SUV.

Yes, maybe you DID find your 4yr old daughter by the side of the apartment building with a 4yr old friend “comparing her kitty kat with his ding-a-ling”, but I’m here to tell you we are NOT going to be doing a rape kit to gather ‘evidence’.

He did NOT have an erection long enough or hard enough to ‘pop her cherry’!

Back in the day, it was called ‘playing doctor’.

It’s age appropriate.
It calls for education about gender specific body differences and increased supervision, not the Sex Crimes Unit.

Might I also suggest, while you’re talking to her, you start getting her familiar with the correct terms for those interesting body parts.

It’s not a va-jay-jay, pocketbook, pearly oyster, cooca, cootchie, coothcie-mama or cookie jar -and calling her vagina ‘the sisterhood’ is just wrong on so many levels.

I’m sure it’s making suffragettes everywhere spin in their caskets like whirling dervishes.

And don’t even get me started on all the names we've heard for ‘boy parts’… THAT'S a post for another day!

Although I will admit, I’m kinda parcel to ‘tally whacker’.

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aimee said...

Lol! What is really bad is that our "adult" patients come in using the same terms to describe their body parts!