Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall break

It was just what I needed.

There was room for reflection in wide open spaces created by God

and interior rooms created by man;

quiet scenes from another era

and 'supersized' contemporary images;

time for introspection

with time for extending my thoughts in different directions;

traditional, quintessential images

some with a twist;

the restfulness of shades in one palette

and the beauty of a spectrum of color;

It was all Iowa - from sunrise

to sunset.

It was wonderful.


Mark said...

Really enjoyed visiting your part of the world today, beautiful.

Aimee said...

Thanks for sharing your pics! Made me miss "home" for a few minutes. Your pictures reflected many of the things that I love and miss in Iowa! Iowa is a very misunderstood state...it's not all about farms you know! There is immense beauty in Iowa if you are willing to take the chance and look for it! Some of my favorite areas are Dubuque, Galena etc. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks again for sharing! That is exactly what I needed today...a piece of home!

Donna said...

Thanks, Mark! Having 'grown up in New Jersey, my love and appreciation for all things Iowan really amuses me!

Glad you got a taste of 'home', Aimee; I know your last trip back was not under circumstances you wanted. Hope things have been taken care of though.

Penny said...

I find that love of Iowa each time I visit. Thank you for a beautiful "Ode to Iowa."