Thursday, October 27, 2011

Scenic ghost

I was thinking about him as I was walking the dogs.

Actually there is rarely a day that goes by that, for some instant, no matter how fleeting, he's NOT in my thoughts.

But the article in the reservation paper made me reach for the phone to call him

A South Dakota ghost town's future is shrouded in new mystery.
A Philippines-based church recently bought the town of Scenic for less than $800,000.
The Iglesia ni Cristo church bought the town and surrounding acreage just west of the Badlands from a longtime resident and area rodeo legend who had gathered the land bit by bit over several decades .
The church isn't divulging its plans for the property.
A person answering the phones at its offices in Daly City, Calif., said he couldn't share any information.
So far, there has been no church activity in Scenic to hint at what's to come.
The lack of information surrounding the sale has some neighbors uneasy.
But some are hopeful the church will make a good neighbor and are excited about the possibilities.

And then, I remembered.

I would have loved to hear his take on it...
what speculations there would have been.

Will there be a cult compound? Some secret training site?
Our curmudgeonly conspiracy theories would have been given free range.

Over the years, the Mission trip group, with Andy and I at the helm, have spent hours in Scenic; at least it felt like hours!

Getting gas, trying to find a 'loo' and having other Missioners stock up on dry, dusty ancient packaged snack foods before heading to the Badlands National Park.

The memories felt overwhelming.

I miss Andy.
I miss my friend.

There's no one else who would find this piece of trivia in a small reservation paper even remotely interesting - and, at the same time, understand why it's so curiously odd.

Only one month in to not having him around forever - and not ever going to Scenic with him again...

I guess it's not surprising that I can't stop crying and, today, the idea of going on another Mission trip without him seems unbearable.

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