Monday, April 15, 2013

Almost departure time...

The only journey is the one within. 
 Rainer Maria Rilke

I feel as if I've been on a journey
all my life.

To discover who I am,
whose I am 
what it is 
I was created for.

I don't believe
our existence is a mistake
or mere happenstance.

I believe each person
has a purpose; 
a reason for being here
on this earth
at this time
if their paths cross mine,
there's a reason for that as well.
Did you know labyrinths were created
by, and for, Christians 
who wanted to make a pilgrimage
because of life circumstance, 
or illness
were unable to travel 
to the Holy Lands,
Spain (The Camino de Santiago), 
or Rome?

Labyrinths are not mazes.
There are no dead ends,
blind alleys
or 'surprise' exits.

There's one way in 
one way out...
all you need 
to do is walk the path
that you're on.

I've walked numerous labyrinths,
both inside and outside,
despite the same basic design,
the experience is always different.

In some, 
it was merely a nice walk;
in two others -
New Harmony (IN)
and Chartres Cathedral (France) -
I had life altering,
profoundly spiritual
and totally unexpected
experiences - 
from which I've not fully recovered.
I love that you can never predict 
where or how 
insight, faith and revelation
will find you.

Can you tell I'm looking forward
to my trip -
and what may be found -
or what may find me -
on this next stage 
of my journey?

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Mark said...

Yes, I can tell. Enjoy this latest journey.