Monday, April 8, 2013

"Unforeseen circumstances

has led to our being unable to do your taxes this year. Please come pick up your information and take it immediately to some other tax preparer".

Not exactly the message you want on your voicemail from your accountant's office - 10 days before we're required to render unto Caesar what is Caesars, you know what I mean?
It's not like I just dropped them off either - she's had all my 'stuff' since early March.
Not only my tax 'stuff', but my mothers and my mothers Trust account as well - she's been doing our taxes for, oh I don't know, the past 2 decades!

Arriving, panic stricken to her office this weekend, I was met by a 'team' of federal agents and had to sign a receipt to get my information back. And when I queried one of them about what was going on, he only cryptically replied, "She's not able to do taxes anymore".

OKAY then...

Luckily the CPA on the floor above hers posted a sign on the door saying he still had openings.
For good or for ill, we're going with him. (Me and about 25 other tax refugees from downstairs!)

If I get indicted for tax fraud, I swear I'm not smart enough to have orchestrated anything!
(I know it can't be money laundering, I don't have enough - clean or dirty - to pass along to anyone else!)

Two more things: 

A) orange is SO not my color 
B) if they're really old fashioned jumpsuits, 
are the stripes horizontal or vertical?

Well, sh*t... that's not gonna work for me either!

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