Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Definitions -

Invasive weeds?
Or a lovely bouquet of spring flowers?
Who decides?

I loved the ‘reality check’ of it all…

A friends comment to me 
after a recent post 
where I declared that 
“I am a pilgrim”. 

She laughingly said that was true 
whether I had, 
or used, 
a passport or not – 
 that one of her favorite things about me 
was my ability to
always see 
the sacred 
in the ordinary. 

Another friend 
described me 
(and the work I do) 
"There isn't a tougher job 
in the whole hospital 
and she manages to do it 
day after day 
with compassion 
and fury 
and humor". 

I'm sure some folks
on the receiving end 
of some of that fury
would NOT share 
the love
that went into
either of 
those descriptions.

Getting glimpses of how others see us 
can be scary  
and wonderful
and quite unlike
how we see ourselves.

One's destination is never a place 
but rather 
a new way of looking at things
 Henry Miller

I had plenty of time 
to have my mind wander
while driving back 
from court yesterday.

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