Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The trip to Iona

involved cars, 
2 planes, 
2 buses 
2 ferries

According to ancient ritual,
a pilgrimage,
 by definition, 
involves hardships 
and discomfort.

Going over to Scotland,
mine included
a migraine and accompanying nausea
not helped by
the usual humiliation of US Customs,
inedible tofu curry plane food,
and terrible turbulence
over the Atlantic 
that had us within seconds of donning 
life preservers.

Coming back was easier
despite extra pounds of
contraband -
Iona marble and greenstone, 
smuggled bottles of whisky and mead,
souvenirs and books,
I was traveling lighter.

I left my troubles,
accumulated sadness
of the past two years
and part of my heart
on this odd, isolated,
magical island.
It was a wonderful trip;
maybe even a life changer.

Still processing all that occurred;
am back, for the most part,
and headed into work today.

The next several posts
will retrace my footsteps,
if you're not up for a travelog,
check back in a few days!

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