Thursday, April 4, 2013


Did you hear folks report on the Today show yesterday – with gnashing of teeth and rendering of garments – how upset some people are who might have to give up their ’prestigious’ area codes… 202 (Washington, DC), 310 (Beverly Hills),  212 (NYC) for example …?

I can’t even remember the reason WHY things might change… but it seems to be a big deal for some sad souls.

 I was too busy thinking that if you need an area code to derive your sense of worth, I hope your cell phone (whatever the area code) has GPS, ‘cause honey, you are seriously lost!

Another school yard bully, this time masquerading as a basketball couch at a large university… another cover up by officials and administrators who seem to have placed their sports program above the lives of the students they’re supposed to be educating, another subordinate who exposed this abuse getting fired and … another example of just how entrenched the ‘boys will be boys’ testosterone laden mentality exists in our country.

BTW - Why is that behavior only reprehensible when tapes go public?

The only thing that stops bad guys with a gun are good guys with a gun” – remember that memorable quote from NRA henchmen (Wayne LaPierre) – bet Kaufman County (Texas) Prosecutor and his wife would disagree, both of whom were armed when they were gunned down by unknown perpetrators.

Good thing Texas still believes in, and utilizes the death penalty, isn’t it? That obviously acted as a strong deterrent, right?

Someone remind me WHY I watch any news at all?! 

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