Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tourist -

it's easier to say than pilgrim.

Not linguistically 
but conversationally.
How to explain that my trip to Iona 
in reality, 
part of my pilgrimage... 
without sounding 
like a total religious 
whack job!

A pilgrim and a tourist
might have the same itinerary
but the pilgrim is on
a sacred journey
in which God is encountered
through places,
and situations.

A tourist 
sees sights, 
discovers new places,
learns interesting facts,
takes photographs
and accumulates souvenirs.

A pilgrim
gains insights
and discerns new truths
about oneself.

A pilgrim
travels with the expectation
that the one who returns
is not the same person
who set out.

A pilgrim
sets out 
open to the possibility
of having identity and faith

A pilgrim 
allows time 
for holy idleness.

The outcome of a pilgrimage
is the transformation 
that takes place 
inside the person;
with impressions imprinted
on the soul,
not just the memory 
of a digital camera.

I am a pilgrim.

(Although I do expect 
to have plenty of images
on my camera when I return)

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