Saturday, April 6, 2013


The day the Lord created hope 
was probably the same day 
he created Spring. 
Bern Williams 

The news came to us
within the last two weeks. 
It took my breath away. 

My youngest nephew and his lady 
are having a baby this summer. 
The feelings flooded in –
as the shock subsided. 

There’s nothing conventional about this event; 
not their ages: 
his, 36, hers, 45;
their relationship: 
but not legally binding;
their lifestyle: 
connected to’ the mainstream’ 
for jobs/salaries only 
but otherwise 
as far ‘off the grid’ 
as someone can get 
these days. 

For years, 
those of us who love them 
haven’t been able to figure out
‘the how and the why’ 
of why and how
they work. 

It’s amazingly surreal 
to think that from the rich stew
of all they are, 
and together, 
a new life
has been

It feels right that we should find out in spring – 
when every sign of re-creation
is glorious
and stunningly
beautiful – 
and seems to exist
for no other reason 
than to give pleasure
through its existence. 

Clearly God decided 
this sometimes
drab and dreary world 
whatever this little one 
is destined 
to add to our family.

This should be interesting.

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