Friday, September 2, 2011

The 135th year

The Rosebud Fair, Wacipi (Pow wow) and Rodeo celebrates the Lakota Nations victory over the federal troops at the Battle of Greasy Grass - better known to us wasicu - as the Battle of Little Big Horn (or Custer's Last Stand).

There was a parade, with the theme of honoring all women...

wonderful traditional costumes,

dancing, for all ages, in many categories (traditional, fancy, grass and jingle dancers),

carnival rides,

and, in every culture, there are outliers that make you laugh - or have nightmares!!

This year, I also made it over to the Rodeo which, while interesting, really wasn't my thing.
I was probably the only little girl in America who missed the whole 'fascination with horses thing and collecting models made by Breyers' that infected so many of my friends.

Yes, they're beautiful creatures... but I'm quite content to view them from afar.

I was surprised to see that cowboys really DO wrestle in the dirt with calves-

(although the WHY eludes me!)
They also really ride bucking broncos...

that really DO become airborne!

Loved the smell in the stands - a mixture of sweat, cigarettes, sweet grass and Brut!
Couldn't help but wonder if you really CAN tell the good guys by the color of their hats!

THIS look though in the horses eye captures perfectly why the rodeo will never be my 'thing'...
no animal should ever feel this pursued or trapped for 'sport'!

But I wouldn't be a pediatric social worker without saying I was totally captivated by the kids...

now that is totally my thing!

Almost makes me eager to go back to work!

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